2008 Rage

2008 Girls Rage

Team Info
2020 – 2021 Team Fees



Player Fee*: $600
Uniform Fee: $100 (approx)
* Includes registration, field, and ref fees for planned leagues and tournaments and fees for planned training. Additional tournament and training opportunities may be offered for an additional cost, but they will be optional.

PSA 08 Rage is a competitive elite level soccer team based in York, PA. We compete in highly competitive leagues and tournaments in PA and MD. We focus on individual player development with an emphasis on advanced technical, tactical, physical and mental growth.  We work with the players to develop, improve and speed up their decision-making processes (anticipation, recognition and reaction) by creating an environment where our players can push themselves outside of their comfort zone and be creative without the fear of failure or making mistakes.

We understand athletes flourish in an environment that is both challenging and fun, and believe in creating a positive environment where players develop and maintain a love of the game of soccer. We work with players to develop team chemistry, sportsmanship and overall performance and not allow inherent traits to dictate a player’s limits or role. We believe in building off of inherent traits to develop other skill sets essential in becoming a well rounded player.

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Additional Info:

  • Home game and practice fields are located in York, PA.
  • League play is currently in CPYSL Premier Division.
  • We will look to enter State Cup Play in 2020/2021
  • Training/games are year-round, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Training is typically 2 nights per week.
  • Payment plans are available for player fees.

Team Accomplishments:

  • 2019/2020 – New 2008 Team
  • 2020 Fall – Columbia Kickoff Champions
  • 2019 Fall – Semi-finalist Keystone Harvest Cup
  • 2019 Fall – U12 Division 1 Champions
  • 2019 Fall – Semi-finalist Coppa Classico Elite Division
  • 2019 Fall – Semi-finalist Battlefield Blast

Coaching Accomplishments:

  • 2019 Spring – U12 Division 1 Undefeated Champions
  • 2019 Spring – Semi-finalist Lancaster Summer Classic
  • 2019 Spring – Finalist Keystone Icebreaker
  • 2018 Fall – Finalist Coppa Classico Elite Division
  • 2018 Fall – Semi-finalist Battlefield Blast
  • 2017 Fall – U11  Division 2 Undefeated Champions
  • 2017 Spring – York Cup Division Champions
  • 2017 Spring – U10 Division 1 Champions
  • 2016 Fall – U10 Division 1 Champions


Manager / Coach

Corey King     Contact

  • USSF National F License
  • USSF Grassroots 11V11 & 9V9
  • NSCAA Advanced Technical Training Diploma
  • NSCAA Attacking Principles of Play
  • NSCAA Defending Principles of Play
  • NSCAA 11V11 Formations & Systems of Play
  • Coaching Experience: 6 Years
  • Playing Experience: 13 Years
  • Former Director of Coaching & Player Development – WYSC
Assistant Coach

Shawn Krout     Contact

  • USSF Grassroots 9V9
  • Coaching Experience: 5 Years
  • Playing Experience: 15 Years
  • Vice President – FCD

7  Midfielder
79  Forward
50  Forward
24  Back/Midfielder
9  Wing
10  Back
40  Wing
2  Forward
12  Goalkeeper/Forward
95  Wing
36  Forward
23  Back/Goalkeeper
22  Forward/Back
6  Back
26  Forward
18  Back